International Association for Computer Information Systems
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IACIS History

IACIS was formed in 1960 as the Society for Automation in Business Education. The primary purpose of the founding organization was to promote as understanding of the use of computers in training business students. In 1969 the organization incorporated and changed its name to the Society of Data Educators. As the focus of information technology changed from data processing to information systems, the Society saw the need for change as well.

To reflect the changing times, the name was changed in 1987 to the Association for Computer Educators. To meet the needs of the membership, the organization became the International Association for Computer Information Systems in 1990. Through all the changes, the Association had maintained its service to its membership. The large body of members with more than 10 years of association with the organization attests to the way the Association has met their needs.

The main purpose of the organization always has been to promote the growth and development of knowledge and understanding of computer automation, including information systems, management sciences computer science and applied education technology. Even though technology continues to change, this mission remains central to all activities of the Association.

The International Association for Computer Information Systems
  • Fosters an active partnership between leaders in business and education seeking to realize the potential of business information systems and computer technologies.
  • Provides faculty an arena to present scholarly and applied research and papers related to business and computer systems, technology and telecommunications, and technical and computer education.
  • Supports discussion and networking for faculty and computer professionals with the annual international conference.
  • Recognizes superior scholarship by selecting for recognition outstanding papers for pedagogy and research at the annual conference.
  • Provides an internationally recognized and refereed computer information systems journal for members and others.
  • Provides a refereed serial publication for conference participants and others.
  • Recognizes outstanding individuals through the Computer Educator of the Year award and the Ben Bauman Award for Excellence.