International Association for Computer Information Systems
Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Contact Information

IACIS Membership

For questions regarding IACIS membership please contact Membership Director Dr. Daryl Nord

The Journal of Computer Information Systems

For questions regarding JCIS paper submissions, review process, becoming a reviewer, etc. contact JCIS Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Alex Koohang

For questions regarding JCIS subscription contact Dr. Daryl Nord

For other JCIS related questions contact Executive Editors Dr. Jeretta Horn Nord or Dr. Daryl Nord

IACIS Conference

For Information and questions regarding the conference contact IACIS Program Chair by visiting the IACIS Conference Page.

Issues in Information Systems

For questions regarding the Issues in Information Systems contact IACIS Secretary.

JCIS & IIS Database Questions

For questions regarding the JCIS & IIS Database information accuracy contact IACIS Webmaster Dr. Kevin Floyd.

IACIS Awards

For questions regarding IACIS Computer Educator Award & Ben Bauman Award of Excellence contact IACIS Executive Director Dr. Robert Behling or visit the IACIS Award page.

IACIS Website Questions/Comments

For questions and comments regarding the IACIS Website contact IACIS Webmaster Dr. Kevin Floyd.

Other Questions/Comments

For any other questions and comments Click here.