International Association for Computer Information Systems
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

What is IACIS?

The International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS) is a nonprofit association founded in 1960 and dedicated to the improvement of information systems and the education of information systems and computer professionals. These goals are accomplished through various activities, including an annual conference, recognition awards, and publications.

For more information on IACIS, please visit the following links below.

What is the purpose of IACIS?

The purpose of IACIS is to provide members opportunities to network, share research and best teaching practices and support IS curriculum development. IACIS also has the goal of providing a wide reaching forum through high quality publications for members and others to impact IS education and curriculum around the globe.

What are the benefits of the IACIS membership?

IACIS membership entitles you to: 1) Receive the Journal of Computer Information Systems; 2) Attend the annual conference (all attendees have a one year membership included with their registration); and 3) Nominate deserving professionals for IACIS awards. For a more detailed description of IACIS membership benefits, click on the following link.

Who is eligible to join IACIS?

IACIS membership is open to: anyone interested in improving information systems and information systems education, including IS professionals and consultants; educational materials developers, publishers and representatives; IS educators and researchers; university and other libraries; and individuals pursuing degrees or advanced degrees in IS or computer related subjects.

How do I join the IACIS membership?

Joining IACIS is quite easy. All that is required is submission of your name and address (for delivery of the Journal); an e-mail address (for any questions or correspondence); and payment by credit card for the membership dues.

To become a member, visit the link below and follow the instructions on the IACIS Membership Application Form.

If I am conducting a research project can I obtain a list of IACIS members to survey?

IACIS respects the privacy of our members, and does not share member lists with any individual or organization.